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Inventory Management System

An integrated customizable software that efficiency in managing your stock levels, simple analytics and reports can help you see what products are selling fast through your multiple sales channels, Comprehensive  Item / SKU (Store Keeping Unit) Management, from Store Requisition to  Bill Process and so on. Main advantages of this system are Unit wise stock keeping, Multiple Store Management, Store Location, Different type of stock Management (Sound, Damaged etc.).

  1. Comprehensive  Item / SKU (Store Keeping Unit) Management
  2. Store Requisition from Production  or Employee
  3. Material received from supplier according to L/C or  P/O.
  4. Stock Issue to employee / production department
  5. Stock Adjustment
  6. Supplier Information
  7. Purchase Order Preparation
  8. Material receipt through MRR
  9. Supplier Bill Processing


Advantages of this software:

  • Unit wise stock keeping
  • Multiple Store Management
  • Store Location
  • Different type of stock Management (Sound, Damaged etc.)

Features of Inventory Management Software Are:



  • Distributor Setup
  • Inventory Type Setup
  • Unit Setup
  • Store Setup
  • Hierarchy Setup
  • Item Setup
  • Quality Control Setup
  • Transaction Type Setup



  • Store Requisition
  • Item Issue
  • Quarantine Receive
  • Material Receive
  • Stock Adjustment
  • Update Stock Serial



  • Stock Ledger
  • Stock Position
  • Stock Position on Range
  • Stock Receipt on Range
  • Stock Issue on Range
  • Stock Adjustment on Range
  • Item Reports
  • Reorder Level Items Report
  • Employee Wise Issue Report
  • Eligible for Issue Report
  • Date Wise Item Issue Report

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