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ESOL HRMS is a single solution, highly configurable that bring all of your key human resources information  in on one screen. An integrated customizable software including comprehensive Employee Profile Management, Recruiting Management System, Training Management System, Leave Management System, Core Payroll, Dynamic Benefit Management, Fully parameterized Allowance & Deductions, Provident Fund, Gratuity and LTA management, Highly parameterized Salary Revision, Wide array of HR MIS reports, Flexible definition of leave processing, Automated HR letters issuance, Automated Bank advice generation, Reports.

Main purpose of HRMS  is to reduce human work in processing data. Accuracy and precision is most desired than human error in Human Management System.

Employee Profile Management : (General information, Personal Information, Contact Information, Education, Training, Nominee, Appointment Letter, Job Card,  Life Cycle..)


Comprehensive Attendance Management : (Getting data from Attendance Device, Automated read data, Rostering, OT Calculation  integration with leave management)


Comprehensive Leave Management: (Application, Approval, Reports etc.)


Training:  (Comprehensive training management , Training Calendar, Post Training, Training  Result, Training Assessment)


Recruitment:  (Comprehensive recruitment management, CV Bank, Candidate   Management, Interview Board with marks, Appointment Letter.)


Human Resource Management System Featured  with :


  • Company Setup
  • Department Setup
  • Work Station Setup
  • Company Location/ Branch Setup
  • Company Bank Setup
  • Company Bank Branch Setup



  • Client Setup
  • Client Site/ Branch offices of Client Setup
  • Client Requirements Setup
  • Client Remarks Setup



  • Employee Type Setup
  • Employee Grade Setup
  • Employee Designation Setup
  • Employee Grade Setup
  • Employee Add (with different Criteria including attachement)
  • Employee Search Option mentioning different search criteria
  • Employee Life Cycle (Employee will be managed through life cycle, such as , recruitment, permanent, promotion, transfer, increment, internal posting, retirement etc.)



All Company news and events will be uploaded and it will show on Employee Dash Board.



A complete automated recruitment process with approval facilities featured with

  • CV Bank
  • Job Requisition Create with total approval process
  • Interview Board Create
  • Interview Schedule Setup
  • Mark Distribution
  • Selection Process
  • Appointment Letter
  • ID Card Print
  • Reports



A complete Training Management System featured with

  • Training Type Create
  • Training Name Create
  • Add Trainer
  • Trainee Assign
  • Training Calendar
  • Training Attendance
  • Training Evaluation



Comprehensive Leave Management System where employee can see there leave balance and apply for leave which has been processed by automatic approval process. Leave Management System is  featured with

  • Leave Type  Create
  • Leave Year Create
  • Leave Rule Create
  • Leave Entry
  • Leave Process
  • Leave Ledger Report



A comprehensive time sheet management system which is integrated with salary sheet.

  • Holiday Setup
  • Working Days Setup
  • Shift Setup
  • Shift Assign
  • Attendance Process (from Attendance Device)
  • Manual Attendance
  • Roster Entry (for rostering employees in different shift)
  • Reports such as (will be download in PDF. Excel, and Word Formats)
  • Individual Attendance Sheet
  • Post Wise Attendance Sheet
  • Client Wise Attendance Sheet
  • Daily Attendance Sheet
  • Monthly Attendance Sheet
  • Attendance Sheet with specific date range



HRMS System Handling Attendance and Payroll Management  made easier which takes attendance data and calculates salary .

  • Dynamic Benefit Management
  • Fully parameterized Allowance & Deductions
  • Facility to upload basic and monthly information from external sources
  • Dynamic definition of salary-grades, locations, cost centers and entities
  • Flexibility in Arrear processing
  • Dynamic definition of work-shifts and overtime, Bonus rates
  • Provident Fund, Gratuity and LTA management
  • Highly parameterized Salary Revision
  • Wide array of HR MIS reports
  • Flexible definition of leave processing
  • Automated HR letters issuance
  • Automated Bank advice generation
  • Reports

General Features are :


  • Bank Assign
  • Tax Assign
  • Tax Calculator



  • Basic Entry
  • Parameterization Setup
  • Employee Benefits Setup
  • Excel file  Upload  page



  • Basic Entry Page
  • Parameterization Setup
  • Individual deduction page
  • Employee Deduction page
  • Excel file upload page



Automated Loan processing system with EMI system that employee can directly apply from his/er dashboard and comply with with proper automated  approval process. This is featured with

  • Loan Type Page
  • Loan Apply
  • Loan Issue
  • Loan Settlement
  • Loan Payment Due Report
  • Loan Schedule Report



An automated process along with lots of criteria of salary processing featured with

  • Salary Process
  • Salary Undo
  • Salary Update
  • Salary Month
  • Payroll Reports with different criteria
  • Bonus
  • Bonus Process
  • Bonus Undo

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