eTrack – Employee Monitoring System 

This system is an web based mobile application which work through internet and server. An android cell phone with the app is the component of usability. A simple operational software to track movement of the field force remotely , and see their visit place just with one click.

Our web-based eTrack Mobile Application will help a organization to control the field force from office as well as anywhere from the country or abroad.

Visit Reports: Get 100% visit reports from sales people as employees were bound to click on the apps after reaching their visit place.

Save unauthorized TA/DA : As it will be depends on their reports that we got from the apps. So, without visiting no one can demand TA/DA without visiting.
Market / Client Reports: As every reports will be generate during visiting clients or market; so daily/weekly/ monthly visit reports of the sales person can be generate with 1 click.

Easy to use and user friendly;
Produce detail visit reports with location, date, time, latitude, longitude, address along with user id, name, photo, notes etc.
Live tracking option ( can easily track the specific employees through the software which will show individual photo)
Emergency alert option. (For any emergency situation employee will press the Alert button which will blink in red on the control room, so that control room / office can take immediate action to solve the issues.
Report generation using date range (daily, weekly monthly etc. as and how needed)
Can be tracked from anywhere
Retention of location tracking history.
Option of sending notes and SOS from the app.
Report on absenteeism (daily, weekly, monthly)

E-Tracking Management System Features List:

  • Settings Management:
    1. Search People,
    2. Active People
    3. In Active People
    4. Generate Token
    5. Add to Tracking
    6. Remove from Tracking
  • Tracking Management:
    1. Today’s Absent
    2. Daywise Absent
    3. Daily Tracking
    4. Weekly Tracking
    5. Monthly Tracking
    6. Tracking History
  • Reports Management:
  • Daily Attendance Report (Area/ District/ date range)
    2. Individual Attendance Report (Area/ District/ date range)
    3. Today’s Absent Report
    4. Daywise Absent Report
    5. Daily Visit Report all employee (Area/ District/ date range)
    6. Daily Visit Report, Individual Employee (Area/ District/ date range)
  • Weekly Tracking Report
    8. Monthly Tracking Report
    9. Tracking History Report


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